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Lifan Duo-Power Parallel Cord Junction Box for Inverter Generators

Price:  $159    $119

Duo-Power Parallel Cord Junction Box for Inverter Generators
Duo-Power Parallel Cord Junction Box for Inverter Generators
  • Can combine with 2 generators to maximize power and efficiency
  • Junction box is capable of 90% of the combined power
  • Compatable with all generators


For connecting 2 inverters together to increase the digital power supply
Can be used to connect any 2 Lifan models ESI1000I-CA 1000 Watt Inverter, ESI2000ieCA 2000 Watt Inverter or ESI2800ieCA 2800 Watt Inverter in any combination
Easily upgrade your system
Add only the power that you need
Microprocessor controlled connection
Digitally cleaned power
MFG Brand Name : LIFAN
MFG Model # : ESPPC
Lifan Storm Series Digital Power Invertor Generators
Lifan USA is a comprehensive line of professional duty power equipment designed with a focus on premium quality and outstanding value. Lifan USA prides itself in standing behind all Lifan products with a industry leading 3 year Limited Warranty. All Lifan Energy Storm Digital Invertors are made with indutrial duty engines suitable for everyday usage. Lifan Invertors offer a heavy duty power supply in a smaller, compact size for use in tight spaces and with ultra quiet operation. Lifan’s invertor technology uses a microprocessor to clean the power its digitally cleaned and safe for all your sensative equipment. The power is just like (and even better quality) than the power at your home or office. You can easily add to ypur power with the use of this Invertor Parellel Kit to add another invertor to increase power supply. The ESPPC works with any combination to meet power needs.
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